The Amazing Undersea Adventures of Aqua Kitty and Friends

by Heavy Vegetable

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The indefinable 1994 debut album from San Diego's Heavy Vegetable, featuring Rob Crow (of Pinback, Optiganally Yours, Goblin Cock, Anal Trump, Physics, Team Sleep, etc)


released March 16, 2017

Rob Crow - Guitar/Vox
Travis Nelson - Bass/Vox
Manolo Turner - Drums
Elea Tenuta - Vox



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Heavy Vegetable San Diego, California

Heavy Vegetable was formed in Encinitas, California (near San Diego) by guitarist/singer Rob Crow, singer Eléa Tenuta, bassist Travis Nelson, and drummer Manolo Turner.

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Track Name: Thingy
I have noticed lately.
I've been thinking (for a change).
Art is torture.
Nothing special.
What's so glamorous about having no real?
All my hero's are crazy bored people
With nothing better to do with their own lives.
Wish I could understand why I do this.
Track Name: Saloon
I was sitting
Getting drunk with my friends,
Turned around to face a hissing sound,
And a cloud filled the bar, then.

Getting loaded.
Getting moded.
Nathan, Vicky, and I left
while drunks hacked up
and left their pool game.

Foggy barroom.
At the saloon.
Filled the whole room
On a full moon.
Track Name: Eggy In A Bready
Got my egg
and I got my margarine.
Got my bread and I got my pan.
Got my Spike and I got my knife and fork.
I have everything I need for an eggy in a bready.
Track Name: Doesn't Mean Shit
Pack all my shit.
(Sometimes I like to go)
Get on a plane.
(Swimming in the rain)
Follow the sunset
(Sometimes I swim at night)
For 24 hours.
(It doesn't feel the same)
There's a string
(If it hangs out too long)
That hangs from the sky.
(My tongue gets really dry)
Grabbed it once
(It hurts me if I catch)
And it ripped my hand off.
(Lashes in my eye)

Stood in the middle of the water.
Skipped a stone 8 times,
Cause I don't know that's impossible
And I believe everything that I write.
Track Name: Myliebetz
Yeah, yeah!
Blah, blah!

So on, Etcetera!
Track Name: Couch
Concrete burns the street
So I'm grass stains on the feet
And the dandelions taste like
Memories of my old street.

Nothing like trekking the rubble.
Makes me feel like Christopher Robin.

Would you trade for that piece of bread that's on your plate?
And I think that Loader's good, but Rice is great.
Denver says that "Everything should just go. Everything should stay here."
And I wonder if I should save my money or spend it all on beer.

Pretty pretty little face by the river.
Jump in and get what you deserve.
Cool your temper.

Hooray for Lia!
She plants the seeds!
She chokes the weeds and
She walks the shovel really nicely.

Whoaaa, yeah!
Track Name: Head Rush
I got a head rush.
I smoke to much.
Track Name: Listen To This Song, Kill Pigs...
They're having a sale.
Giving away.
Ends today.

Now the bulls have horns.

Shotgun booyah,
Hit's my taget.
Shaka boom-boom.
Rings my bell.

Burn the churches and kill all the pigs
And then maybe I can start to get on with my simple life.
Track Name: Eight
Mr. (Marvin) Read was my pal.
Only teacher who gave a shit.
Help me learn not to do things like make obvious rhymes.
Track Name: Dutch
"They saved my shoes, Danny"
"Please get me in the car"
"Take my shoes off!"
"The sidewalk was in trouble and the bears were in trouble and i helped them out"
"I am wobbly"
"No payrolls, no walls, no coupons"
"A boy has never wept, nor dashed a thousand kim"
"Open the soap-duckets. The chimney sweep"
"Talk to the sword."
"Shut up! You got a big mouth"
"Please help me!"
"Henry, Max come over"
"French-canadian been soup"
"I wanna pay, Larry"
"Let them leave me alone"
Track Name: Termites
Grouped at the window and
Crawling on the floor.
Out of the ceiling.
Headed out into the sunlight, unlike me.

Out of my hair and
Onto the porch.
Stare there a minute
Then fly straight into the sunlight, unlike me.

Track Name: Krishna On The Ledge
There's a Krishna on the ledge
Out my second floor window
And I'm with the girl I love
And we're starting to flow.

What is he thinking?

I went out on the roof to tell him to fuck off
All he would say was, "Dude! I was just going off!"
Caught myself on a cactus
And when I said, "Ow!",
He said it was my karma.

My karma's gonna hit your dogma.
Track Name: Black Suit
My Dad's got a black suit.
I got black hands.
Took a weeks vacation
And he come to bury me.

Good drugs.
Bad thoughts.
Nurses give me weird looks.
Crying in the bathroom.
Wanna rip out my IV.

I'm scared.
I don't wanna die here.

You can't see me.
If I die here,
The last think I see is a fucking T.V.
Track Name: Junior
Fists clenched so tight that my hands turn white,
Cause bitch, I trusted you and you lied.
Don't wanna be like my father,
But my eye's are flinching.
My stomach gets lighter.

Don't call me Junior.
Don't wanna be a son, sometimes.
Keep my hands to myself.
Just don't know why I felt this way.
Love,. Hate. Fear of anger.
Violence from dangerous stupidity.
That's why I'm not part of the family.

Hate has a face.
Wipe your mouth.
Track Name: Johnny Pig
Johnny is our drummer's pet.
His nose is always wet.
He tries to fuck anything,
Cause he can't find a sow.

Johnny Pig!

Johnny sniffs and grunts
Lackadaisically toils in the mud
Likes to stick his curly swirly pink little pud
Into anything that he can find around.

Johnny fucks the gate
Cause has no opposable thumbs thumbs

And the rain falls on Johnny's back.
Track Name: Means Less
Throwing puzzles out the window.
Watching the pieces fly away
Into the whitewash
Float away into the bottom of the thing
Whatever it is.
Grab a donut and a penlight battery.
Are you still following me?

Wouldn't George be proud of me?
Yeah, I've really gotta pee.
Pretty much giving up the meaningful lyric thing now.