by Heavy Vegetable

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The 1995 sophomore effort from this infamous combo further engaged in carving out their own unique sound and finding them even better at doing whatever the hell they were doing.


released March 17, 2017

Rob Crow - Guitar/Vox
Travis Nelson - Bass/Vox
Manolo Turner - Drums
Elea Tenuta - Vox



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Heavy Vegetable San Diego, California

Heavy Vegetable was formed in Encinitas, California (near San Diego) by guitarist/singer Rob Crow, singer Eléa Tenuta, bassist Travis Nelson, and drummer Manolo Turner.

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Track Name: Still Moving
Trapped in the cupboard
Kicking and scratching all night.
Half blinded by florescent light.

It's moving.
It's still moving.
Track Name: Abducted By The Work Aliens
There's a feeling I can not quit.
My work ethic.
Premature career move.

I want to know.
Why I can't go.

Chosen when I wasn't around.
One hour on the ground.
Pretty soon I got a good job
And met my best friend Rob.
And I'll never figure out why
I have feelings that never end
Maybe Rob knows and won't tell me
About his outworlding friends.
Track Name: Crash
Crash, Crash, Crash!
So sorry!
No space to let!
No, no!
You have been bad!

Kick the shins.
So there!

Mine it is!
So there!
You have been bad!

Once again I've overstepped the boundaries of good taste.
Track Name: P.O.E.
Oh, it's in there
Burning itself out.
Burning it's soul out.


Oh, yeah.
It's getting late now.
Guess it's time to go to bed now.
Track Name: Song For Wesley
This song's about a man.
He is a genius.
He can roar like a lion.
He gets down like a Magikist

People can be so cruel.
Don't let them push 'round.
Don't let them take advantage.
You're in complete control.

If people think I'm joke,
Fuck them.
I'm dead serious.

Wesley Willis.

He's got style.
He's got a special gift.
He can see right through
All the musical bullshit.
Track Name: Sad Mud Song
And mud can get mighty warm in your hands.
Doesn't help to admit that I get sad,
But I get sad.
Track Name: Never Forget
And I know that
I'll never forget you.

And then it feels like I can't move
As I feel you moving away from me.
You always loved truth
And it's hard to
When I think you're still around.

Sung with love.
Track Name: Intro
I don't wanna go.
I don't wanna fall down the same fucking hole.

Looking dumb
Is exactly what I'm doing right now.
But, I've got this delusion
That I wanna keep my integrity.
Track Name: Bully
Evil one's who pray on sick and weak
Thrown into threshers.
Shredded meat.

I've got to get some pretty pictures in my mind.
Close as I get to justice.

Feeble little old man
Pissing on a sports car
Parked in the handicapped zone.
He just wants to go home
And see the pretty pictures.

Justice is in my mind
If I can just find the time
To kick back and unwind
It's sad and it's unfair.

Count on the insane to save the souls of the suckers.
Track Name: On Purpose
Sound kicks the clown,
Throws him down,
Steals his wallet,
Buys his friends a round.
Can't erase any tapes if they don't have little tabs.

There goes my dream.
Looked good on paper,
I guess.
Track Name: E/Or
What up, G?
Don't worry.
I'll pin your tail back on.
Happy birthday.
It's O.K.
I'll pin your tail back on.

Bow is red and you are blue.
You hate everything
And I love, too.
Track Name: Mushroom Boy
People locked me in here,
'Bout a couple years ago.
With a handful of seeds
For the garden I grow,
Sunshine's on the windowsill
Of the basement of my house.
Think they locked me in here.
More like I locked them out.


It's not such a drag.
It's not so bad.
Track Name: Henry Mancini Goes Surfing
Track Name: I Owe You
My muscles hurt again.
I wish they'd go away.
I haven't done a thing
For too many days.
I can't remember
What they were for anyway.

Gonna fill out IOU's.
Track Name: Multiball
Scrounging pennies for a whole quarter.
Can play all day I had a whole dollar.

I'm starting to ramble
And I sound like a sample.
I can't quit.

Pinball's not just an art form,
It's a zen thing.
A quarter=5 ball therapy
A precious instant pleasure.
It's lasting.
You don't have to win or anything.

Flashing lights and evil clowns.
We'll challenge you in your home town.

Elea and I are big on pinball.
We love it.
We'd play it all day
But, Travis and I are better at Mrs. Pac Man.
Track Name: Dental
Oily bubbles.
Dark and leathery.
Smells so sickening.
Pretty flowers smell so wonderful
In the morning.

I'm thinking 'bout something different.
I'm thinking 'bout something same.
I'm thinking 'bout anything but the pain.

And the sky is so weird and so wonderful.
Everything seems so clear.
And the one who truly understands freedom
Is the one that has finally
Got rid of it's load.
Track Name: Daisy
Breaking things makes it seem O.K.
Until you need what you broke that.
Line up the bottles
Against the wall.
Pump up the daisy.
Destroy them all.

Turn around.
See the air inside the inside of the
Inside of something else.
In and though.
Out and over.
Stock the box tops and
The paper colanders.

Track Name: Spatula
Curse on the raving fuckface
That took my Spatula
Away from me.

My only possession is gone.

I went a place where they sold
Freedom for 25 bucks a head.
5 bucks a hit.

Organized free-thinking fools.

Mostly stayed in tune.
It had a rad bottom end.
Was more than an instrument.
It was my friend.

The show was fucked
And I don't think it was worth my guitar.
Track Name: Jackie Chan Is A Punk Rocker
Jackie Chan.
He is the ruler.
Ultra smooth mover.
Makes all American movies look like shit.

None of the cop out phony double
Stunt man bullshit.

Roller disco, sawhorse, umbrella,
Train, motorcycle, helicopter, breathmint,
Clock, can, skateboard, fried piece of pork,
Dogshit, chair, mall, bamboo.
There is no
Type of kung fu Jackie as not tried to do.

Through the air flyer.
Punked out death defyer.
What else can you say?
He's just the coolest.

I knock.
Track Name: Pine
Take me down to an open grave.
Make me pay for all my sins.
Track Name: Fired
You'll never guess what happened to me!
I got fired again!

It's so fucking hard to find a job when you don't drive.

I don't even fucking know how.

My rent is way overdue.
Track Name: Tap
This guy named Tap is such a jerk.
Gave healthy smoothies to a newly widowed husband.
Picked up his business when she got hit by that train.

Tap is boss.
Tap is God.
Track Name: Stop
Stop counting your change.

Some of us are down and out.
Track Name: Radio
I never listen to the radio
But, if they wanna play our stuff,
That's O.K. with me.

They don't play Slint, Sentridoh, Zappa,
Beefheart, Can, or The Residents

They don't even play
Renaldo and the Loaf
Velvet Underground
Bongos Bass and Bob
Wesley Willis, Stacatto Reeds
The Shag's
Sometimes they will play Devo.
Track Name: Going Steady With The Limes
You gotta keep it of the shelf.
You gotta keep it away the children.
(What do you mean?)
I might just save some for my self.
(What are you saying?)
Wait 20 years and make a bundle.

It's like this dream I had
Where I was a six foot woman.
Wait a minute.
That was someone else.

What was that?
That was this.

Oh, no.
It's starting again
And time will bend
And then the pinpricks in the sky
Will rip and the flashlight batteries will die
And my friends the water will get the fuck out of dodge
And all the pets will get really large
And guys in suits will dance around
And practice karaoke on a
Sound stage 'bout the size of a dime
And lemons will go steady with the limes
And someone I never. never met
Will try to do something I'll know.
My friend, don't walk to England.
It's much too far.
Take a car.
Oh, wow.

Now that I've made it in.
It feels good inside.
Find a way out, now.